Welcome to the Houseless for the Homeless project. We are a collection of RVers who travel in our RVs to explore the world. Since we are basically driving all over to explore the hidden areas of the world, we meet a lot of people. Some of these people are homeless. We LOVE to help those who are in need! Our mission is to share some of our abundance with those who are in need.

Houseless for the Homeless is the project that brings people and organizations together to share this abundance.

2020 Homeless Bags Events:

  • January 5 at Havasu Heights BLM
    • Start 1200 PM (Noon)
    • Finish when bags are done
    • Sign Up Sheet
      • Once on the sheet, review the list on the Totals page and determine what is short/needed.
      • Decide what you would like to bring.
      • Then go to the SignUp tab and enter your information. You may bring as many items as you desire.
    • Must be signed up and bring the item(s) in order to receive bags
    • The completed bags will be divided up among the participants and donators
      • Those who can only donate will also receive their portion of the bags.
      • The requirement to get bags is to donate item(s) and be present when provide the bags to the attendees.
      • We can not ship or hold bags, we simply do not have the space or capabilities to do this.

If you would like to ship any donations to the event, please contact Jay North (houselessforhomeless at jaynorth.net).

This is not a non-profit organization per IRS regulations. You decide how you want to handle your taxes with this donation.

All donations and time is solely for the benefit of the homeless. There will be zero gain to the organization or organizers of these projects.